Electric cigarettes and steam devices are an indispensable part our day-to-day life, used by millions of people. Driven by the idea to find an alternative to powered tobacco cigarettes, and been discredited over many years as a niche product, the electronic cigarette has now found its place in our everyday lives.



Today, estimates of over 2.5 million people in Germany regularly use electric cigarettes and steam devices which are conventional cigarette, while others even switched Alternative forms.



For the first time in the capital of German, interteam of specialist will be visiting on the 25. and 26. Of May 2017, the specialists and the end customer trade fair aimed specifically for this growth market.



The framework is the Berlin station exhibition grounds. Here the exhibition space takes place in Hall 7 at over 4200 m 2 the Intersteam



Germany is one of the strongest economic countries in Europe and it offers market for electric cigarette - in spite of all the restrictions and changes, it has a very high growth potential!



In the meantime, many politicians, experts and associations are in support for the promotion of e-cigarette, the pressure on the Federal government grows. This is exactly why Berlin provides the Federal capital the ideal framework for a trade fair in this industry. At the same time, Berlin is THE most modern as well as age  native scene city in Germany with all the Trends, about 3.4 million inhabitants of Berlin are waiting for you!